Native Glass. Augmented Reality Monitor

Native Glass

3D Computer Display for
Industrial Designers

Extra Dimension for Unlimited Productivity

Native One is a Plug-In system, that expand professional computer workflows beyond computer screen limits.

Cross-platfrom Embedable

Expand operating systems interfaces.

Superpowers for
powerefull software

Integrates benefits of spatial interfaces thru the Native Plug-ins.

Keep your hands
on favorite shortcuts

Use intuitive and familiar input methods, such as keyboard and mouse. At least for now.


Augmented workflow performance

Augmented Reality will change the way we create, perceive and interact with digital information. In the next few years computer software interfaces will get rid of 2D paradigms evolving into new kind of spatial interfaces.

We embrace powerful devices and sophisticated software that already exist and widely used. Our goal is to integrate benefits of Augmented Reality into existing professional workflows, seamlessly adding an extra dimension, reducing limitations of creative process and smoothing the transition between generations of interfaces.

Plug-ins for:

3D Display

Core of AR experience relies on the stereoscopic heads-up display. Blend of optics, ultra-high resolution microdisplays and Light Masking liquid crystal matrix insures Sharp, Vivid and Healthy experience.


per eye resolution


Field of View

Immersive mode



Wide field
for spacious minds

Our optic design provides 110° field of view image. It covers most of the human retina area that responsible for perceiving and analyzing visual information. It makes information flow natural and experience comfortable

Immersive mode

Stay Focused.

Electrochromatic layer allows to fade surrounding environment to up to 70% visibility making holograms bright, vivid, and eliminating distractions for a more immersive workflow

Immersive Mode


Your skull-mate

Native Glass designed to stay comfortable and fit perfectly


Wearables friendly

Adjustable fit

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